Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fun with camera phones - Malaga edition

Mrs. Expat Teacher and I went to Malaga, Spain last week. We forgot our camera, so we bought a disposal one (not yet developed) and used Mrs. Expat Teacher's Sony-Ericcson K750i for these 11 photos at my Flickr set. When we get the photos developed, if any are fabulous, I'll scan them and post 'em.


On a related sidenote: I took 3 years of Spanish in high school. It was enough to ensure I remember just 4 Spanish phrases. On our trip to Malaga, I got to use two of them.

1) Una cervaza per favor. (trans - a beer please)
2) Donde esta el bano? (trans - where is the bathroom?)
3) Vamos alla playa (trans - we go to the beach)
4) Me gusta la carne de los perros (trans - I like dog meat)

I said (1) and (3) with incredible clarity. Bathrooms were well signposted in Malaga and I'm not sure when I'll ever use (4). I'm not even sure I want to...