Saturday, March 04, 2006

In appreciation of Dad

It is a poorly hidden secret around Page 132 that I am seeking a new job back in the States, even though my current employer loves me and talked to me yesterday about re-jiggering my job to make it more interesting and challenging. It has less to do with unhappiness with my current job and more that I want to get back to the US. I want to see a baseball game live. I want to help with the mid-term elections. I want to celebrate the 4th of July in a country that cares.

To those ends, I've been sending out resumes and cover letters with reckless abandon. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at putting them together. As you may have noticed, brevity is not my strength. Luckily my dad, lasvegastan, is skilled in that area. And, although he doesn't see it as a blessing, his job allows him lots of time to talk me through changes and edits to my cover letters and resume.

I know that not everybody has a good Dad and that I'm blessed for the one I have, but it amazes me how much I still want and need his professional and personal input. I'm a grown man, but I still want his approval and blessing. I guess it is because I respect him so much. Lasvegastan isn't perfect, all 3 of his kids will attest to that, but he is a hell of a man and if I get back to States this summer, some of the credit goes to him.

Thanks Dad.