Sunday, March 05, 2006

New Poll

After running the last poll for two weeks, I can tell you the outcome was definitive. It is lonely being a politician. 70% of the respondents said they didn't want to be friends with a politician. 20% said they'd rather drive with Ted and 10% said they'd go hunting with Dick.

This week MoLak-Jedi has contributed the poll question. In this week's poll, we want to know, which of the 5 Page 132 authors you'd vote off the island. Since I've never been in the majority since we started polling, I'm going to declare the outcome non-binding. ;-)

After weeks of cajoling, we've finally got all 5 Page 132 authors on our Flickr map. Go take a look to see where everyone is. One thing you will notice is how male dominated the map is. If you are a lady, we'd love it if you placed your pin because we have none represented. Male or female, if you haven't placed a pin, why not do so?