Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Article round-up

Expat Teacher's 30th birthday Sunday Article Round-up starts now.


Internet Monk says, "Nothing discourages me about the future of evangelicals like 'young earth creationism,' Hamm style." Me, too.

Tim Challie's does a book review of Female Chauvanist Pigs. I've been meaning to read it since Christmas, but now I don't have to.

Over at Winds of Change, they have an interesting look at men's response when asked if they plan on marrying the woman they are living with. The answer is an obvious, they like getting the milk for free.

Showing that the Church of England can play politics, we learn that Guantanamo Worries England's Archbishop.

US Politics

Contrary to his initial statements, Bush said 'fully prepared' for Katrina video shows.

Former Republican Congressman, Randy Cunningham, was jailed for 8 years for taking bribes while in office.

Philip Slater believes he knows Why America is Polarized.

There are doubts that the North Dakota anti-abortion law is actually A Challenge to 'Roe'?

Citing their long tradition of reaching out to the downtrodden,Catholic Leaders Work to Sway Immigration away from punishment and more to enabling immigrants to improve their lives. Must really piss off Tom Tomcredo!

Senate balks at ethics watchdog agency. Say it with me. Culture of Corruption!

Showing that faith-based initiatives walk a thin line, we learn that the Silver Ring Thing program used federal money for religious proselytizing.The Feds will Cut abstinence funding to the Silver Ring Thing.

A very creative high school teacher is having his class put George Bush on trial for war crimes. That is excellent teaching! Engaging, relevant and certainly something to get everyone's interest.

Dems say '05 deficit was more than double the reported figure. That's your fiscally conservative, fiscally responsible Republicans running the budget, folks. Time for a change!

In other encouraging news, a Shutdown looms if Senate doesn't up credit. Yeah, that's right. We are out of money so we are going to ask our yet-to-be-born-great-grandkids if we can borrow some money. Guess what? They said yes!

Showing his Christian faith, Blair 'prayed to God' over Iraq. And showing how different America is from Britain, the PM attacked on Iraq 'God' remarks.

The DLC offers A Progressive Alternative To The Bush Health Care Agenda. In case you aren't following, here's Bush's Health Care Agenda: You're On Your Own.

The Washington Post makes The Case for Democracy and Micheal Kinsley makes the opposite with his The Pursuit of Democracy.

The World and Foreign Policy

What are the lessons learned from a Nuclear India?

Peter Bergen asks Where is Osama Bin Laden? and when are we going to get him?

In the "No Surprise" category, we learn that Hamas Refuses to Change Stance on Israel. Yet, in the "Politically Savvy" category, Hamas rejects al-Qaeda's support. Just who are these people? Salon tries to help us with The Real Hamas.

Winds of Change coherently discusses a World Government.

Abdel Bari Atwan, explains why Osama Bin Laden wants to divide Islam in Total war: Inside the new Al-Qaeda.


At some private schools, Consultants replacing high school counselors.

Possibly signaling that fashion designers are just pushovers on the War on Terror, we learn The New Fashion:Covering up the body. Or maybe we are just all tired of the muffin top and skanky teenager look.

Into high tech businesses? Wanna make some money? CNN has The Next Net 25. Quite interesting stuff, if you are a techie geek like myself.

Giving background on one of my favorite websites, the USA explains how a Flickr of idea on a gaming project led to photo website.

Finally, using Dire Strait CDs for empirical evidence, Tim Harford explains Why New Orleans Won't Recover.