Thursday, March 02, 2006

Troubling polls (cont.)

It's sad that more Americans know the Simpsons characters than the First Amendment.
Perhaps it's even sadder to know what they think our guaranteed freedoms are. But here is another perplexing one - which is actually taken from two polls.

"Last month, some 75% of Americans said in a Zogby survey that they expected the country to suffer a major terrorist attack within the next two years, but a CNN/Gallup/USA Today poll found that 64% of Americans had confidence in Bush's ability to prevent an attack. "

So which of these is most likely true:

1) Americans are so ignorant of our govermental system that they do not realize that Bush will be the president for the next two years.
2) Those 64% all have conveniently forgotten who cut the intelligence agencies funding and did not prevent the most catastrophic terrorist attack on America in our country's history.
3) The polls taken were done by people so utterly terrible at mathematics that they truly believe there is no overlap when you take 75% and 64% of the same whole (I have students like that).
4) 39% (or more) of Americans believe Bush has the ability to prevent an attack, but he just won't so we'll suffer from it anyways.
5) The Zogby poll was taken by asking four people in a Hollywood movie studio and the CNN/Gallup/USA Today poll was done asking 25 people in an oil company's board room in Texas.