Thursday, March 09, 2006

Internet Monk discusses Blue Like Jazz and Donald Miller

For those of you that don't remember, Page 132 is named for page 132 in Blue Like Jazz. The Internet Monk (the best Christian blog you still aren't reading) is rounding up criticism of Donald Miller and his book, Blue Like Jazz. The Monk is then doing his best to set the record straight about Donald Miller's purpose in writing Blue Like Jazz.

The Monk ends with "Mr. Miller’s point, that Jesus, like jazz, resolves the unresolved notes in human experience, is worth hearing. I need to hear it more often, and Miller’s account of his life gives me hope for my own."

The whole post is worth your time, if you've ever read any of Miller's stuff. So get over there and give it a go.

On a sidenote: Donald Miller's newest book Searching for God Knows What is even better and more challenging than Blue Like Jazz.