Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday Article round-up

All these articles were worth talking about, but Mrs. Expat Teacher is enough of a blogging widow as it is.


In Vermont this week, Sen. Bayh said, "So, as tempted as I am to spend the next half hour telling you how angry I am about the failings of this administration - the incompetence, the misplaced priorities, the needless polarization - that would not be enough. Instead, I want to have a conversation about our future, what comes next, and the leadership we need to forge a better and more secure tomorrow. We have the opportunity - and the responsibility - to be the generation that Restores the Promise of America."..."But our success in Indiana by embracing Unity, Opportunity, Security, and Accountability is a path to meeting the challenges of our time, restoring the Promise of America's and building the majority we need to govern." Sounds like Senator Bayh has several of the right themes for a 2008 Presidential bid.

In a booklet that should be entitled, "How to be a fundamentalist without sounding like an idiot," the Roman Catholic Church is willing to say that the first 11 chapters of Genesis are not historically accurate.

With shirts like these, how can you not support the girlcott of Abercrombie? UPDATE- The girlcott worked! Abercrombie will be pulling their stupidly offensive T-shirts. Way to go ladies!

In the "I can't believe I'm reading this file" we find that Vice President Cheney wants torture. On a related note, we find out that the phony Al-Qaeda-Iraq connection came from an individual who was being totured.

I'm not sure that Expat Teacher can 'heart' the Bull Moose anymore, but if so, this post consummates the relationship with this insight. "The prime reason that the Moose is not an elephant is that the GOP is theologically devoted to comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted. The blessed sacrament of the high church of the Republican Party is the permanent elimination of the estate tax."

Yesterday was the 400th anniversary of a radical religious terrorist organization's attempt to destroy the government and institute their own people. No, I'm not talking about Osama Bin Laden and his men. It was Guy Fawkes. His plot to blow up the Parliament was unsucessful. He was arrested and killed. That led to another 200 years of systematic discrimination against Catholics. If ever something backfired, the Gunpowerd Plot sure did.

In what may be a fatal blow to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a cruise ship was attacked by pirates. Unlike Intelligent Design, the Flying Spaghetti Monster could actually be proven wrong be empirical evidence. (that's right, I'm picking a fight with you Hefe ;-) )

If you are interested in a partisan review of the last year, ThinkProgress has put together the Bush year-in-review.

This may prove they've got nothing better to do, but Canadian researchers have worked out the physics of cow tipping. They say it takes 4 grown men to tip a cow. I report, you decide.

The BBC asks an interesting question..."Whatever happened to MakePovertyHistory?"

I agree with Andrew Sullivan's article.

The London Times is claiming that C.S. Lewis had a 30-year sexual affair with a married woman. Is this true? Help me out MoLak Jedi!

Finally, if the Holy Spirit moving in your own heart isn't enough, Jesus has been seen in wardrobe in Romania. I want to know, is it made from this tree?