Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A smattering of thoughts...

The citizens of Denver decide on Teacher Pay for performance. This is an excellent move to improve the quality of teaching and keep the best teachers in the classroom. Go see the beginning of the revolution.

In this article, Janeane Garofalo said, "What I mean by that is mostly right-wing politicians tend to be amoral and nihilistic." As a self-appointed spokesperson for the Left, she has got to learn to shut up. One Ann Coulter in the political discussion is a tragedy. Two is unacceptable.

I haven't heard yet if in Alito's America I could buy condoms, but I do know he thinks I should be able to have an automatic machine gun.

Finally, I'm wondering if any strong conservative evangelical preacher/pastor/influential leader has spoken out against the sins of the Republicans right now? I remember lots of discussion about the sins in the White House under Clinton (and for good reason), but on the back of the Libby and DeLay indictments shouldn't there be another discussion about sins in the government? If you know of anyone saying anything, please drop the link in the comments.