Monday, October 24, 2005

The Abu-Ghraib defense

Should Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald hand down some indictments this week, look for the Abu Ghraib defense to be rolled out. The administration will say that the CIA leak was caused by a few overzealous individuals, but the problem isn't systemic. The base has already been laid with the LA Times article showing Libby "'had a plan to counter Wilson and a passionate desire to do so,' said a second person, a former White House official familiar with the internal deliberations."

Unfortunately, it will probably work. If it worked for a more easy to understand Abu Ghraib scandal, it will certainly work for the more obtuse CIA leak case. A small majority of America will buy it hook, line and sinker. Remember Republicans don't lead the nation, just get 51% of the nation to go along. The aren't uniters and never have been. They won't hold the administration to a real account, but instead will undertake "Operation Finger Scooter" and hang him out to dry.

Certainly the Abu Ghraib defense is a better one than the "perjury isn't really unlawful" effort that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) launched on Meet the Press yesterday. Yet neither is satisfactory.