Thursday, October 20, 2005

Friday Prayer Blogging

Expat asked me to step in for this week's prayer edition. I thought that I'd take a little different spin on prayer blogging. Rather than actually pray, I thought that maybe we could share some of the ways in which God has answered prayer.

For example, to make a long story short, our daughter was sick and I had to come home from work because she was making a mess of the day care lady's carpets. My main concern was that I'd be picking up a little girl who was sick, but because she's a bit hyper-active at 19 months, wouldn't get the rest she so dearly needed (she's been sick before and run around like nothing was wrong). Anyway, in the car I prayed that somehow God would bless her with the sleep and rest she needed. Guess what? I was basically home alone today because the kid slept for quite a bit of it.

So, in what ways - big or small - has God answered your requests?