Thursday, October 20, 2005

Vice-Presidential indictment

And while we are on the subject, I think the chances of a VP indictment happening are tiny. Some liberal bloggers have already started prognosticating about who Cheney's replacement will be. I think that is getting waaaaaaay ahead of the actual world we live in.

Let me spin another possible scenario....

It appears that two VERY high ranking White House officials are going to be indicted. What is the White House to do? Since it is too late to smear the independent prosecutor, how about say that someone HIGHER up is going to be indicted. Why? Because it is all about the expectations game. Set the expectations high and then fail to deliver. Let's compare two headlines with the same facts (Rove and Libby indicted, Cheney not) with different expectations.

First, the expectation is only Rove and Libby. The headlines scream, "Two High Ranking White House Officials Indicted"

Second, the expecation is for a Cheney indictment. The headlines say, "Two White House staffers indicted, but Cheney spared"

Notice the difference in tone. Almost by default, Cheney becomes INNOCENT of any wrong doing, even if he was probably (at least peripherally) involved.

Am I crazy on this?