Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Aren't they missing a chance to celebrate?

I know some of you may be thinking by now that I must be obsessed with the war in Iraq, since I keep coming back to it over and over, even now as pretty much all the media and the administration has seemingly forgotten about it (or at least made it such an afterthought that we don't hear almost anything about it any more), and here I am bringing it up again and again. But this may help explain me - I have a problem.

I'm unrelentingly obsessed with the truth. I may even be wrong about what I think the truth is, but that doesn't stop me from not only wanting everyone to know it, but also it makes me want to know if it really is or not.

To me, the truth is that a foreign policy based on non-violence is the best approach. If you were here this summer, you saw a series of postings from ExPat and myself discussing this. And if you go WAY back, I was against this and any "war" on principle alone - and this one in specific because it also had incredibly shaky and weak reasons for it. We all know by now how Bush and company lied about the WMDs and how they misled everyone about the implied connections
between 9-11 and Iraq. But then, after we were there and the truth about those reasons kept coming out, the reason for being there was changed - we were ACTUALLY there to get rid of an evil leader.

Well now that leader is on trial and yet I hear almost nothing about it from the administration. These are the people who have committed over 200 BILLION dollars (and counting) for this 'war' and have been willing to sacrifice almost 2000 American soldiers almost 2000 American soldiers and at least 30,000 Iraqis for this cause. I would think these people would be glued to their Court TV every day.

There was a guy in my dorm during college who skipped half his classes one semester to follow the OJ Simpson trial - you would think that kind of devotion would be the norm for people who have invested so much in getting Saddam. It's got to be more important than Harriet Miers, immigration, tax breaks for homeowners, and even CIA leaks (unless you are guilty...oh....). Still, with that much already spent and the cost rising every day, you would expect a big push from them to the world to see that their goal is finally being achieved.

Or you think that they were never telling the truth in the first place. At least I do.