Thursday, October 20, 2005

Why I hope Libby and Rove aren't indicted

and it isn't because I don't want to see justice done.

The impending Rove and Libby indictments (if the rumor mill is to be believed) aren't as exciting as many Democrats/liberal websites would have us believe. For Rove and Libby an indictment would be the end of their time in the White House and probably their career if they were guilty. I don't have a problem with that. I DESPISE Karl Rove's divide to conquer style of politics, especially since he leaked a CIA agent to the press for political gain.

The problem I have is two fold. The first is that Karl Rove is "The Brain" in the West Wing. He is Bush's right hand man and certainly the go-to guy on many problems. Without Rove, Bush is a mediocre president without any support. (notice the Bush response to Katrina sans Rove (surgery) and Miers sans Rove (involvement in Plame case)). That is a recipe for disaster. We have 3 more years of the Bush presidency and plenty of hurdles and potential disasters to face. I can't even imagine. It is enough to keep me in Britain. Bush's presidency would be completely handicap and we'd have no leadership for the next 3 years. While Rove and LIbby's leaks made America weaker, a Rove-Libby indictment makes America EVEN MORE weak.

But a Rove-Libby indictment doesn't stop there, Democrats would easily pick up seats in the 2006 elections (about the time the Rove-Libby trial starts) and could even take back both houses of Congress. That must be a good thing, right? Wrong! Democrats need to win back the Congress (and White House) when they have shown they can lead the country, not just not be as bad as the other team. Democrats are lacking big ideas and real leadership. I like Harry Reid, but he doesn't inspire me. Pelosi? no. Kerry? no. Bayh? no. Clinton? no.

Democrats need to have some time to figure out what we truly stand for and who can lead us. To fall into a sweeping victory in 2006 will stunt that introspection and soul searching. I'll take a few years pain if it means a generation of gain. I don't want a cheap victory for the Dems that keeps us from having a real down and dirty intra-squad fight to figure out exactly what we stand for and want. Not having a strong minority voice makes America weaker, but having a weak minority come to power makes America even weaker