Monday, September 26, 2005

Two Bumper Stickers

It seems like everyday I see two bumper stickers around town that bother me. I don't know why they bother me. Maybe it's because they reek of nationalism to my way of smelling things. Perhaps you've seen one of them - or maybe you even have one on your car!

The first is a sticker of an American flag waving in the wind with the words, "The Power of Pride" emboldened across it. I can't help but wanting to create my own spin-off of the thing with the same words, but a different picture. I was thinking of a picture of Icarus falling - the same one that Led Zeppelin albums and whatnot have on them. I mean, truly, has this sort of pride really ever helped anyone but the flag-waver?

The second sticker is really any sticker that says, "Support Our Troops." Support them in what way? Are my taxes not enough? Does my being happy or supportive of the war really help? Why should we only support our troops? Why not "pray for peace?" And if I did have a bumper sticker calling for peace, why would I be labeled a liberal or "anti-American?" Do we really want the deaths of countless humans? Is that what this country stands for? We're going to protect out way at the expense of others? Yikes!!!