Monday, June 23, 2008

Focus on Obama?

I saw this in the Seattle PI and had to read it. Just about every day I listen to the Focus on the Family podcast - unless the summary sounds completely irritating or irrelevant.

While I agree with Dobson's attack on Obama's defense of abortion, I object to the good Doctor's attack on Barak's faith and understanding of the biblical narrative. While I respect Dr. Dobson and have implemented some of the wisdom Dr. Dobson has suggested in regards to the family, he is no theologian. He is very familiar with his tribe's understanding of the Christian story, but has done little to nothing in trying to understand other tribe's attempts to follow the Savior.

I am glad to have an advocate for the unborn in Dr. Dobson. I am grateful for his work in bringing up children in the fear and admonition of the LORD. I appreciate his attempts to stand against vulgarity and obscenity in our culture. I have benefited from his wisdom in regards to family dynamics and roles.

But, I am greatly saddened by his lack of faith. He seems to believe that it is the powers and principalities of this world - the powers of strength and might - that will lead America down the road of salvation. "If we can just get our guy in office, we can fix this country," seems to be his motto. He despairs in the face of defeat and has no trust in the providence of the LORD in this age.

I hope that Dr. Dobson and Sen. Obama can one day soon sit together to discuss their love for the Lord Jesus and that discussion will be seasoned with grace and humility as they strive to keep the bond of unity and brotherhood that the Lord himself prayed for. And from that discussion, I hope that a heartfelt and loving friendship can be forged in which issues of State and governance can be discussed in the spirit of love and brotherhood. This should be the prayer of us all.