Thursday, March 13, 2008

Softball Season: T-minus 1 week til our first game

Already 5 practices into the new season and my heart springs at the thought of the new softball season. Oh, what a difference a year makes...

Last year we were unsure if we'd even have a team. This year, with a strong influx of freshman, we've got 18 on the roster, plus 2 on the DL. Last year, I had ONE pitcher. This year, I've got 4. 2 are serviceable and 2 are works in progress. Last year, I had a parent volunteer as a pitching coach. This year, I've got a professional coach coming on 3 occasions to work specifically with the pitchers.

Last year, we had giant question marks at about 6 of the 9 positions. This year, I've only got 1, my first baseman. I'm rather bummed, the diamond in the rough 1B we had last year, chose not to come back due to a tough academic schedule. I'm starting a freshman in her place. But the bright side is that two of my weakest players went to a summer camp at Georgetown University and they are greatly improved. They are now solidly mediocre.

Next week, we start the season against the traditionally weakest team in the league. The only reason we lost last year was because I only brought 9 girls, including only 3 regulars. I'm feeling much more comfortable this year. I really believe we'll win this one.

Last year, we were 0-8. My goal this year is a modest one: 2-6. Two wins will guarantee us the 8th seed (of 8) in the post-season If I finish my softball coaching career 2-14, I'd be pleased.

Stay tuned for more post-game analysis!