Friday, March 07, 2008

gurufrisbee and Karl Rove agree

I always knew gurufrisbee had an astute political mind, but I didn't know he was working for the other side. In an editorial, Karl Rove wrote that:
A long Democratic battle doesn't automatically help the Republicans. In fact, it hurts the Republicans in certain ways. Mr. McCain becomes less interesting to the media. Stories about him move off page one and grow smaller. TV coverage becomes spotty and short. There are not yet big and deep and unbridgeable differences between the two Democrats and there is plenty of time to heal most wounds (except, perhaps among the young if Mrs. Clinton were to win). Continuing to build a profile and lay the predicate for the short fall campaign against either Democrat becomes the challenge for Mr. McCain while the Democrats battle it out.
I, on the other hand, am well aware of my party's ability to circle the firing squad and damage our own before the general election. In fact, just today Obama's camp called Hillary a monster. Not to be left out, Hillary herself said that she and Senator McCain had crossed the commander-in-chief threshold, but that Senator Obama hasn't.

That's right America, the Democrats are offering a monster or a weak commander-in-chief. Don't you want to vote for us now?

Thanks to eagle-eyed Page 132 reader SLK for the original Karl Rove editorial.