Saturday, March 24, 2007

The sporadic posting

Just a little note that I've been posting rather sporadically lately and I apologize. I was drafted as the Varsity Softball coach at my school. It means that 3 days (sometimes 4) nights a week I stay late at work. I usually see the Latino cleaning crew show up as I'm leaving. Therefore, I don't have a lot of time for blogging when I get home. when it do, it is often in the shadow of midnight.

Considering my revised schedule, gurufrisbee being frozen out from Page 132 by his school's Net Nanny, The Old Man being robbed of Bush idiocy since the Dems are setting the agenda here in DC, and Hefe's busy schedule, you'll just have to be thankful that MoLak-Jedi is like clockwork.

In May, after the season, I should get back to more regular posting at more regular times.

A word on my softball team. We only returned 6 players from last year. Only 2 were starters. We have a big rebuilding project ahead of us. I have a rookie at SS, 1B and the entire outfield. I was explaining a double play and stealing to 3 of my girls on the bus after our first game on Thursday.

On Thursday we played the defending league champs and lost 11-1 in 5 innings (10 run rule). I expected a 30 run deficit, so I was pleased. We play again after spring break against the 2nd-place team and I'll be without two of my starters. I'll give you a rundown after the game.