Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Very Good Question!

USA Senators Levin & Warner ask: "Where is Iraq's oil money going?"

"Our conversations with both Iraqis and Americans during our frequent visits to Iraq, as well as official government and unofficial media reports, have convinced us that the Iraqi government is not doing nearly enough to provide essential services and improve the quality of life of its citizens."

What does this say to me? It says the world's only military superpower can force western-style democracy down anyone's throat through unilateral invasion, but that does NOT mean you can make it become a mindset and effectively integrate it into a culture where it has been a foreign concept for 5,000 years.

It also shows me that a Demagogue in the White House can pursue virtually any fearmongering agenda he wishes and force USA taxpayers to foot the bill.

And, did you see that GWBush vetoed a bill yesterday that sought to limit the extent to which the CIA could torture detained terrorism suspects?

Could someone out there please help me figure out a description for GWBush that goes beyond simply Worst.President.Ever? Somehow that is beginning to seem too mild.