Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The beauty of a perfect game

There is nothing prettier than a perfect game in baseball (or softball). The pitcher is firing on all cylinders. The strike zone is the size of California and the opponents are swinging sticks of celery. The defense is solid and no opposing batters even make it 90 (60) feet. It is a wonder to watch. 4 balls or an errant hit ruins the perfection at any point.

It is still pretty, but a lot less enjoyable when your team is on the wrong side of the perfect game. We played our second game of eight and were beaten in hardy fashion 13 to 0.

The opposing pitcher, all 15 years of her, could throw 57 mph from 43 feet away. That's similar to throwing in the 80s from the pitcher's mound in high school. She also had 3 pitches working for her. A fastball, a change up and a drop curve. My best hitters were dumbfounded. My new hitters were quaking in their cleats.

The only high note was my freshman girl who turned out thinking that softball was a "softer" version of American football, was able to get her bat on the ball and pop out to the shortstop.

On Monday we'll play a team that I believe is more in line with our skills and experience. I hope to report a win next Monday. The good news is that 8 of the 10 teams in our conference make the post-season and I believe we'll get to the post season.