Friday, February 01, 2008

McCain diminish Richardson's appeal as VP?

I was just reading the comments by LasVegasTan and The Old Man about Richardson as a VP against a McCain/Huckabee ticket.

But does a McCain nomination diminish Richardson's VP appeal? Richardson was suppose to bring the western states into the Democratic fold with his appeal to Western "straight-shooting" and libertarian appeal. His Hispanic background was to solidify the Hispanic constituency in the Democratic party. Richardson planned to use his pro-business, pro-growth, pro-environment to win the suburbs of urban centers like Denver, Phoenix, and Boise.

But look at McCain. He's a well-known straight shooter. He's an established "states' rights" guy. He authored the comprehensive immigration program that the Republicans killed AND drove Hispanics to the Democrats arms in droves. McCain is on record as wanting to end earmarks, restore fiscal discipline, and wanting the US to adopt Kyoto-like restrictions on CO2.

Everything the Dems thought they got with Richardson, now is lost because McCain has a similar claim and is the top of the ticket.

Maybe that is why Sebelius' name keeps popping up with the Obama camp. She's a constituency that Republicans can't compete against with a McCain/Huckabee ticket. It would sooth female voters concerns about Hillary losing. Just a thought.

What say you Page 132 readers? Does McCain diminish Richardson's appeal as a VP candidate?