Thursday, January 31, 2008

He Never Stops

“WASHINGTON -AP- President Bush's 2009 budget will virtually freeze most domestic programs and seek nearly $200 billion in savings from federal health care programs, a senior administration official said Thursday. The Bush budget also will likely exceed $3 trillion, this official said. Bush on Monday will likely present his proposed budget for the new fiscal year to Congress, where it's unlikely to gain much traction in the midst of a presidential campaign.”

Traction? Hopefully it will emerge stillborn. Freeze domestic programs and take 200 billion from health care? Why? So he can add more to the 489 billion he has already pissed into the Iraqi desert? I guess an approval rating of 28% is not lousy enough for GWBush… perhaps he’s going for single digits? He appears to be raising “Lame Duckiness” to an art form!