Friday, February 01, 2008

Why a Richardson endorsement matters (to me)

I didn't watch the debate last night, but I caught the highlights on MSNBC and CNN. I can't say I was swayed. Both seemed strong. Hillary when talking about the economy and Obama when talking about Iraq. In fact, Obama had a good line with "someone who will be right from Day One." to counter Hillary's "someone who is ready from Day One."

Of course, all I can think was "wouldn't it be nice if we had both?" and, of course, about that's exactly what Gov. Richardson is. But that time has passed. The choices are limited now.

That's why a Richardson endorsement would be so important to me. Many pundits discount the value of endorsements and there is no doubt that endorsements don't move massive amounts of voters, but a Richardson endorsement would move this voter's vote.


Because I was willing to trust Governor Richardson to be President of the United States. I trusted him to know the requirements of the job. I trusted him to appoint the right people to do the job of running our nation. I believed he was on the right side of all the important issues. I felt that no one was better qualified. In short, I trusted him to know who could do the job and who couldn't.

Just because a large number of Democratic voters couldn't see that, doesn't change my opinion of him. If he says, "He is ready..." or "She will be the next President..." then that's where my support and effort will go.

Am I worried that the Governor will sell out for a position on the ticket or in the cabinet? Not really. But what if he does? Well, then he wasn't the guy I thought he was. But there is no way for me to know that now. History will be the judge of that. As for me, I'm voting for whoever Governor Richardson endorses. Until then, I'm undecided.