Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big Week

I've got a lot of interesting things going on in the upcoming week (or so), and I thought I would bounce them off the 132 community:

This Sunday: I get officially elected as an elder at my church. While the whole world of church politics could have us going for years, I'm sure, what stood out to me was that at our church you get elected to a three year term and then you can keep serving as many three year terms as you want - provided that you take a year off from being in position at the end of each term. And we have some in our church who are on their fourth or fifth time serving, but each time they have that year off in between. I wonder if this plan wouldn't be a good one for politicians in DC. Serve a term, then go back to your home state for a while before running again. Seems like you would have a lot less to worry about with people forgetting about what actually happens in their home states because they are in Washington too much.

Monday & Tuesday: First semester Finals wrap up at my school. This is my first year teaching at the high school and in middle school there are no finals. We're too test heavy in schools these days, I feel, but more than that I really have this desire to give these big education tests to the politicians out there to see if they really think the tests are all that great. What I wouldn't give to see GWB's WASL score.

Thursday: The greatest show in the history of television returns! LOST! Unfortunately the writers strike means this season will only have 8 episodes instead of the 16 it was supposed to have, but since there hasn't been a new episode since May, I'm not focusing on that. One of my friends is going to have a party to kick off the first episode of the season and I'm thinking of going as Hurley. I'm so excited, I'm actually comfortable being described as "giddy".

Sunday: The Super Bowl. My wife and I have been hosting a Super Bowl party for eight years now (well nine, but no one - i.e. Expat and Ms. Expat - came the first year). We're expecting around 30 people for eating too much, having fun, and intensely following the TV every commercial break. It's always a fun time. I really want the Patriots to lose. Their undefeated record is misleading in my mind because they played in the weakest division in football and got extremely lucky with other teams being injured. And I cannot stand the two smuggest people in the NFL and they happen to be the coach and quarterback for New England. I don't think the Giants can pull it off - they just played each other a couple weeks ago and the Giants played near perfect but they are too injured and they came up short. Well, they are still injured and have probably used up all the luck and magic they have just to get to this point. Oh well, at least the rest of the day will be fun.

And is if that all weren't enough - Duke-NC comes up then on Wednesday the 6th! What a fun time.

Oh yeah, there is also some political voting stuff going on.