Sunday, February 17, 2008

Husbands as "leaders" and visionaries

As I'm in my third day at the Weekend to Remember, we are now in the separate breakout sessions for men and women. I don't have high hopes for this session.

Campus Crusade isn't as backward as the Southern Baptist Convention, but they still hold strongly to Ephesians 5 as the Biblical prescription for families.

Therefore, after attacking the idea that "headship" is domination and instead it is servant leadership, we were taught that the husband's role is to provide "leadership" and give a vision for the family.

I'm struggling with this greatly. Obviously any relationship needs someone to provide vision. Yet, I don't know why having external genitalia automatically makes one a visionary.

The more married couples from church I know, the more I question this Biblical "commandment". I know couples where the wife is skilled with vision and leadership. In those couples the husband is more nuts and bolts and less big picture.

And in everyone of those relationships there is tension about this very subject. The wife wishes her husband could see the grand plan as obviously as she does. The husband gets frustrated that he doesn't know where, how or what to do to provide the vision.

As an outside observer, it is obvious that the wife is more talented/skilled at seeing the big picture. Yet, the husband and wife keep trying to fit into a mold that doesn't work for them.

Does anyone else see this? Am I a heretic? Does the evangelical community need to review and revise this teaching?