Sunday, February 17, 2008

Re: Health Care

Over at the Talking Points Memo web site we have:

"After a relatively low-profile stretch, Bill Clinton re-emerged today with a vengeance as Hillary's Surrogate-in-Chief, hitting Obama on health care by arguing at an event in Texas that he would deny us universal health care for the first time.
"Her opponent excites more Americans but would in fact deny us universal health-care coverage for the first time," the former president said. "She represents the solution business. It would be truly tragic if the Democratic Party walked away from universal health care for the first time in 60 years when we finally got the business community and the medical community in line behind us," Clinton said, drawing applause."

"Robert Reich, former Economics Professor at Harvard and former Clinton Secretary of Labor, has studied both Hillary's and Barack's Health Care Plans and says: "I've compared the two plans in detail. Both of them are big advances over what we have now. But in my view Obama's would insure more people, not fewer, than HRC's. That's because Obama's puts more money up front and contains sufficient subsidies to insure everyone who's likely to need help – including all children and young adults up to 25 years old. In short: They're both advances, but O's is the better of the two. HRC has no grounds for alleging that O's would leave out 15 million people."

My long-standing appreciation for Wm. J. Clinton is wearing very, very thin.