Saturday, February 16, 2008

Women as teachers, preachers, and writers

Mrs. Expat Teacher and I are at a Family Life conference - A Weekend to Remember - and it is focused on married couples. We are fully supportive of the aims and the principles being taught. I have no complaints about what is being taught. I'm bothered instead by how it is being taught.

A 3-day conference is nothing but lecture format. And only 2 men are speaking the entire time. They have lots to say and one man's wife even gets up to tell short little vignettes emphasizing the teaching point. She is nothing more than window dressing.

The men preaching tell stories and many end with "at least from a man's point of view" which is fine, but I know a man's point of view. I want to hear from a woman's point of view. The obvious answer is to have a woman preach, but FamilyLife (assuming they follow the theology of their parent organization - Campus Crusade for Christ) won't allow women to teach.

Almost reading my mind, one of the speakers just recommended that I read 'For Women Only' so I can get an insight into how women think. It comes highly recommended and apparently wil help me understand my wife.

So here's my question. Since the Bible has one verse against women teaching that is the basis for the ban on women preachers, why can I read.a book by a woman which is designed to teach me? What is the moral difference between hearing the words or reading them?