Monday, February 11, 2008

A New Page 132 Feature

I compile a monthly trivia contest just for fun. ExPat Teacher saw it in January and asked me to post February's when ready. So, here it is. I'll post the correct answers in Wednesday night. Have fun!

1. The landmark civil-rights case, Brown vs. Board of Education, originated from what state? a. Kansas b. Tennessee c. Georgia d. New York

2. What year was the infamous San Francisco earthquake?
a. 1902 b. 1906 c. 1909 d. 1912

3. When American Charles Lindbergh made aviation history by flying non-stop solo across the Atlantic Ocean, where did he land?
a. New York b. London c. Paris d. Morocco

4. For which agency or department did Oliver North work?
a. National Security Council b. CIA c. FBI d. US Air Force

5. What was the first launched space shuttle named?
a. Challenger b. Discovery c. Apollo d. Columbia

6. What year did construction begin on the World Trade Center?
a. 1983 b. 1976 c. 1966 d. 1958

7. Besides the English, what was the largest group of people to settle in the American colonies? A. Scots-Irish b. Germans c. Dutch d. French

8. Who was President when baseball was 'officially' invented?
a. Lincoln b. Fillmore c. Van Buren d. Grant

9. Who holds the NFL record for the most seasons with the same team?
a. Earl Morrall b. George Blanda c. Jim Hart d. Jackie Slater

10. Jesus’ disciple Bartholomew was also known by which other name?
a. Thaddeus b. Levi c. Philip d. Nathanael

11. What sort of building completes this well-known 60s classic?: "Stopped into a (what) I passed along the way" a. Church b. Shop c. House d. Bank

12. Which role is needed to complete this lyric?: "The (who) spoke up, she said leave this one alone; She could tell right away that I was bad to the bone."
a. Doctor b. Midwife c. Head Nurse d. Mother

13. For which film was former 'SNL' performer Dan Aykroyd nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar? A. Chaplin b. Driving Miss Daisy c. Neighbors d. My Girl

14. Which one of the following words is spelled correctly?
a. geneology b. heros c. nickel d. coolly

15. Which nation extends furthest south?
a. Algeria b. Mexico c. China d. Saudi Arabia

16. Which city has never hosted the Summer Olympics?
a. Amsterdam b. Brussels c. Berlin d. St. Louis

17. Since 1800, which of the following cities has not been the site of the signing of a peace treaty? a. Leipzig b. Berlin c. Frankfurt d. Tilsit

18. Which US President was not left-handed?
a. Bill Clinton b. Ronald Reagan c. Jimmy Carter d. George H.W. Bush

19. How many of the world's 14 highest peaks are located in the Himalayan or Karakoram mountain ranges in Asia? a. 7 b. 9 c. 11 d. 14

20. Which came first?
a. Julius & Ethel Rosenberg executed for providing secrets to the Soviets
b. Joseph McCarthy’s Congressional hearings on Communist sympathizers
c. Brown versus Board of Education racial desegregation court decision
d. 22nd Amendment to Constitution limits president to two terms