Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Prayer for gurufrisbee

I got this e-mail from gurufrisbee yesterday and he ok'd it for posting. He didn't say if he wanted all the names, so to err on the side of privacy, I've taken them out.
Wednesday afternoon at 3:45 PST I have a job interview. It’s with [another middle school near me]. I have a number of things I would like prayer for regarding this. One, it’s my first job interview in almost a decade so I’m rusty and nervous about it. Two, even if I get it offered to me, I’m not sure I want it more than my current job. It would be hard to leave [my current school] as it’s been my only teaching job I’ve ever had and I’ve been here for a relatively long time (8 years) and have a lot of good friends here. But there have also been several recent decisions that have made me wonder if [my current school] really is headed in a good direction anymore anyways. And [the other school] has it’s positives and negatives, as well. Mostly I just want to be open to God’s leading and would really appreciate prayers for that. Thank you all very much.