Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can a true Christian really be president?

In the vein of CK's and Hefe's posts, I have been wondering if a true Christian can really be President of the United States. By "true Christian", I mean someone that has not only accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour of their life, but is also seeking Him with all his whole being.

I wonder because as we truly follow Jesus, we discover our shortcomings and failures. To be president, one must mask or overlook their own shortcomings and project an image of near infallibility. As one follows Jesus, the more they are aware their own pride and stubborness gets in the way of right living. Yet, how much pride and shear stubborness is needed to run and win the presidency?

I'm not ripping the current President or any of the candidates, but I do wonder as all the candidates try to "out God" each other, whether it can even feasibly be true or if it is all immature spirituality or politics.