Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Me, Myself, and I

AP - "As Barry Bonds nears his record 756th home run, he's stockpiling quite a collection of souvenirs — bats, balls, helmets and spikes, pieces of baseball history perfectly suited for the Hall of Fame. Whether he'll donate any of them to Cooperstown, however, is in doubt. "I'm not worried about the Hall," the San Francisco slugger said during a recent homer drought. "I take care of me."

Perfect! In that case nothing would make me happeir than to see Mr. Steriod Cheater open up his very own Hall of Fame for just himself. If he placed it in the San Francisco area, a few hopelessly-naive and selectively-observant fans might actually buy an admission ticket. But, much more importantly, the rest of us could be forever spared the blight of having this self-absorbed, lying, insufferable bore anywhere within three time zones of the real baseball Hall of Fame. Hang tough Hank Aaron!