Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I think I had a good day today, but feel like it went all wrong. Had a great observation today with my principal during a lesson on symmetry. The reading kids drive me crazy because we've been working on summaries all year, real simple like, and they still can't write a summary sentence! "Would you like me to write that for you?" I think is what they're waiting for me to ask. Drives me crazy.

I think the counselor was implying that I don't treat one of my students equally to the rest - something about "everyone else gets warnings and he doesn't." She's right and wrong - right in that he doesn't get warnings; wrong in that I don't treat one of my students equally to the rest because I don't treat any of them "equally to the rest." Ask me about "fair"... might get a different answer.

Had a great meeting after school at the church office about the small group ministry I'm supposed to oversee. Very encouraging. I think things are finally looking up in that regard.

Came home depressed and tired. Have this strange feeling in my throat. It hurts and it's difficult to talk. Probably coming down with something.

Danced around and around in a circle with Emily. It was R.E.M, "It's the End of the World as We Know it." By the end of our romp, I felt fine.