Saturday, March 03, 2007

Upgrading to Vista? Don't says the BBC

As a Mac user, I do enjoy my schadenfreude! Therefore I was happy to see that the BBC ask this simple question and answer it, "'So would I [try to upgrade] again? The answer is no'"

Tim Weber decided to upgrade his PC rather than wait to buy a new computer and it was nothing but trouble.
But soon the problems began to mount:

*Where was the internet? I could see my router, but nothing beyond - even after a full day of tinkering with various network wizards. My BBC laptop proved that this was not a problem with my router or ISP.
*Why did my Philips webcam refuse to work? The Upgrade Advisor had explicitly said it would.
*What hardware was responsible for the three driver errors flagged up by Vista? One seemed to be the sound card - oh yes, why did I have no sound? But which mysterious "PCI input device" was lacking a driver? And what was the "unknown device" flagged up by Vista?
*Why did I get a "disk is full" error message every time I tried to install my keyboard's new Intellitype software? Why did Vista refuse to uninstall the XP-version of Intellitype?
*I knew that Apple had failed to make iTunes Vista-ready, so I didn't even try.
*But why did Microsoft's successor of Activesync, called Windows Mobile Device Center, refuse to hook up Outlook to my trusty old Pocket PC?

Fiddling around with Vista's settings, I soon found myself deep below its slick interface.

And the deeper I got, the more the look and jargon of dialogue boxes took me back into the world of XP.

If you are thinking about a new computer, do yourself a favor and get a Mac.