Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jesus as a bearded woman? Only in white evangelical churches

So while I was at my barber on Sunday, I was thinking about something my pastor said on Saturday night. Pastor Mark was talking about being a man and quoted Patrick Allen that the Church had turned Jesus into a bearded lady. I totally Amen'd it. I do think that all the churches I've been to have certainly played down any masculinity in Jesus. It just goes to show you how ethnocentric my churches have been.

You see, my barber shop is a very stereotypical African-American barber shop. So when I arrived on Sunday morning, they had church on the radio. Some Gospel music, a black preacher, some more Gospel music and some more preaching. I got church on Saturday night and Sunday morning. :-) And to be perfectly fair. My Sunday morning church was the better of the two.

You know what hit me? Jesus is a stud in black churches. No bearded ladies here. The preacher on the radio was talking about Jesus breaking your bonds, bearing your burdens, and taking the beating that we deserved. Absolutely playing up the masculinity of Jesus.

That reminded me of the Seven Way King by Dr. S. M. Lockridge.

Pretty dang masculine, if you ask me.