Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Prayer Blogging

Lord Jesus, there is so much pain and suffering in the world today; so many people at war with each other; so many people being taken advantage of; so many people being abused, misused, or worse. You have said that the peacemakers are to be called the children of God in your kingdom, and I pray that you would call forth your children, your peacemakers to be your hands and feet in this world today. I ask that you would rise up your saints, like you did with Francis so long ago, to walk into conflict emboldened by your Spirit to do your work in making peace between enemies.

And Lord Jesus, there are so many people without food or shelter today despite your Church's abundant wealth. Lord, I pray that you would call your saints to be your body and your blood for the hungry and homeless. Teach us, oh Lord, what it is we need so that we are able to give sacrificially to those in need, for you have said that when we do so, it is you we feed and it is you we shelter.

But Lord, there is so much strife within your body, the Church; so much bickering and name calling and finger pointing. How can your presence be felt or seen on Earth? Lord Jesus, I pray for unity within your body. I pray that we would put you first in all things; that we would be still and know that you are God; that we would hand over to you all of our division and hear your voice and obey. May we honor you in all things and in so doing, glorify your name upon the Earth. Amen.