Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sunday Article Round-Up

I know it is Tuesday, but here is the Sunday Article Round-Up. Gorgeous weather, a visit from Will Hinton and plenty of plans by Mrs. Expat Teacher kept me off the computer this weekend. Page 132 will be taking a break for the MLK 3-day weekend (as I'll be in Richmond, VA), but we'll be back in 2 weeks.


International News
Under the MakePovertyHistory plan, Sierra Leone in debt relief deal that will reduce their debt by 90%. A very positive move for the people of Sierra Leone.

Kuwait not to pay citizens' debts. That's right. Kuwait has decided not to pay its citizens' private debts. I can't believe this even got to a parliament vote.

Just before the New Year, Turkmenistan's 'iron ruler' dies. You can read his obit that shows how crazy this man was. "Even months and days of the week were named after himself and his family."

In other 'stan' news - Kazakhstan PM resigns office abruptly.

Lulu inauguration happened as well in Brazil. People love him down there.

Bulgaria and Romania enter the EU to make it a group hug of 27 and probably the end of expansion for a while.

Ancient ice shelf breaks free in the Arctic as another sign that the Earth is getting hot fast!

What's next in Somalia now that Ethiopia has invaded?

World's tiniest country seeks new owners to fly the flag and it can be yours for low 8 figures.

On Aussie beaches, burqa plus bikini equals burqini and an interesting look at marrying Islam and the West.

In that great land of a theocracy, there are mass purges from Iranian universities.

Bad News - Oil Prices Hit Lowest Levels in 18 Mos. so Americans will stop flirting with alternative sources of energy and fuel-efficient cars. Back to SUVs and McMansions.

It appears China is fighting the Global War on Terror. China 'anti-terror' raid kills 18.

EU urges US to seize chance for global trade discussions before Bush's fast-track power to approve trade deals expires.

Oprah is right. There are many, many reasons why educating girls pays off.

Carry on flying, says Blair - science will save the planet. You have no idea how much this hurts me. Seriously. I've called the guy the best politician of the 21st century.

If you are a Ricknik, enjoy the Steep rise of Italy's Cinque Terre.

Domestic News
U.S. deaths in Iraq reach 3,000 and Bush will be sending 30,000 additional troops to Iraq to save his legacy.

Considering that the Democrats want to increase the minimum wage, you might want to check out life at America's bottom wage.

N.M. governor, Bill Richardson, gets bleak view of Sudan on his tour of Darfur.

In case you want to track the progress of the Democrats, here is the 100 hours clock. Their first big success is passage of the 9/11 commission recommendations.

Koreans offered cash for no sex during the New Year celebrations. I'm a big government program fan, but I think this may be too far.

Big Overhaul of Health Care Is Sought in California that will offer nearly universal health care. So Mitt Romney (R-Mass) and Arnold (R-California) have both backed legislation for universal health care. How long before it goes national?

In case the 2006 cycle got you more politically motivated, here is how to lobby the legislature.

The DNC talks about Globalization and Its Discontents and the importance of the First things first.

Medicare coverage gap may be hard to bridge for Democrats with their vow to not increase funding without paying for it.

Hispanics are the crucial demographic in 2008. Wouldn't it be nice if the Democrats ran a Hispanic for president?

A Nigerian archbishop finds common ground with Virginia churches because they both think homosexuals can't teach anyone about God.

From US churches that are growing, a sound of drums. A new study shows that the fastest-growing churches boast more men, less reverence, and percussion during worship. These are the only churches I've ever been to.

The Nationals have put some computer mock-ups of their soon to-be-built ballpark online. It is a nice looking late 20th century, early 21st century stadium with no real surprises except possible views of some of the monuments and a GIANT BASEBALL IN LEFT CENTER FIELD!??!?! WTF! Someone tell me that is a joke.

USS Mariner is pushing for a new GM in 2008, since they figure the current GM will be fired after another sub.500 season. Go find out about Antonetti now. They also have a rundown on Jose Vidro as a DH. He'll suck.

Proposal for porn domain revived and you can register your support with an e-mail or view other people's thoughts here.

Two passings you may have missed - Scooby-Doo's creator dies aged 81 and the inventor of the instant noodle dies.

Your help is needed to find a missing $1,000,000 painting.

And just for fun: Which Historical Lunatic Are You?

I'm Charles the Mad. Sclooop.

Previously on Page 132
Just after the new year in 2005, Bishop Durham had some thoughts on where God was during the Boxing Day tsunami and how the Bush administration bragged about giving lots of money away to faith-based programs that were actually secular in focus and mission.

And the first week of 2006 brought us MoLak-Jedi's first iPod, my Culturespotting series on "The House Tour", gurufrisbee was planning for the future and the Christian community reached the tipping point on Robertson.

So what’s the biggest story of the week? What have I missed? What strikes you as funny, interesting or sad? Was this effort worth the hours I spent on it? What’s going on in the world that needs some attention?