Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Last night some things were cleared up.

Florida DEMOLISHED Ohio State 41-14 in the BCS college championship game, three things became very clear:

1) I was right and Expat was not.
This is not always the case, but it sure was on this one. Expect to see this trend continue during the 2008 Democrat primaries.

2) The BCS is more wrong than either of us could ever be.
This thing is so messed up, I truly believe some day soon it will be leaked that the original plan for it came from the Iraq War manual the administration has been using. Florida looked great last night, but it's flawed logic to assume that the result of the game itself justifies whether a team had performed well enough before the game to deserve to qualify for that game. So as long as there is anyone with a decent case for being more deserving than Florida or Ohio State, then there is debate about the champion. And with another undefeated team still out there, there is absolutely debate. No one can know at all that Boise State isn't the best team out there, because simply no one ever beat them. Additionally, after the Big East cruised to a 5-0 record in the bowl games, there certainly should be some second guessing about the percieved weakness of that conference - and a one-loss Louisville team then is clearly in the same conversation then with a one-loss Florida team. And if we're granting that a team with more losses can be ranked ahead of a team from a weaker conference with less losses (a la Florida over Boise State), then are we even certain we can rule out USC? Maybe (choke) the Pac 10 is a great conference. USC crushed Michigan - Ohio State couldn't do that. Plus we also have the always mistaken belief that losses later in the season should mean more than losses early in the season. So how do we know that at this stage LSU isn't the best team out there? A tournament doesn't always provide the setting (especially in a one-and-done set up) for the best team to win, but it does eliminate the idea that someone didn't have a chance.

Further more, this is now like seven out of nine years where there has been serious controversy about the BCS.

That's not the description of a plan that is working. We need a 16 team playoff and we needed it a while ago.

3) Fox should never be allowed to broadcast sporting events.
Their commentators are horrible and they keep trying to force irrelevant and stupid things on us like animated jumping robots and cameras that fly over the field and miss 80% of the action in doing so. Did anyone honestly need to see Terry Bradshaw or Jimmy Johnson MORE than we already have to on Sundays to watch the NFL? There is a reason volume is adjustable. Let Fox stick to letting Jack Bauer run around and yell for twenty four straight hours and NASCAR crashes and leave the sports to networks willing to do a decent job at it, please.

P.S. Today is a BIG birthday for Mrs. Gurufrisbee, so I'll be passing along any birthday wishes any of you care to send her way in the comments. Thanks.