Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fun with CameraPhones - HOLY COW IT WAS 70 TODAY! Edition

It was the most amazing weather today. We had 70 degree weather. Mrs. Expat Teacher and I walked around the National Mall without jackets on. I snapped some pics. Enjoy.

It was the most amazing day!

Ice Rink at 70 degrees.JPG
The ice was melting fast at 70 degrees. Some folks were skating in their shorts and t-shirts.

Blooming Jan 6.JPG
The trees are very confused. The are starting to bloom.

Some folks playing flag football.

Some other folks on the lawn taking in the sun and keeping themselves busy.

In my neighborhood, this man was washing his car.

We stopped by the Archives building today and saw the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Here's a pic of the Constitution.

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