Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Article Round-Up

Not as much going on this week, but still a few things worth your time. Remember that Sunday Article Round-Up is sponsored by ewb in SD. Let's see what's new in the world this week...

Americans expect big changes if Dems win Nov. 7 and the DLC speaks of seizing the abandoned center.

Apparently, gurufrisbee and his colleagues aren't doing a good enough job because WASL math scores prompt call for action.

Standard Republican stuff...Tenn. commercial preys on racial fears and MyDD has a round-up of other subtlety racists commercials run by the Republicans.

New Donkey explores the The Price of Polarization and Failure while his companion the Bull Moose explores the power of the Blue Dog Democrats in the next Congress.

Former White House Aide Gets 18-Month Sentence for being corrupt.

Cheney Defends 'Dunk in the Water' Remark and President Bush stands by his man. America land of the free and home of the waterboarders!

And Washington Monthly has a rundown on President Bush's most outrageous claims last week.

David Letterman unspin's Bill O'Reilly last week. Great television!

Rumsfeld Tells Iraq Critics to 'Back Off' because we'd hate to have some real accountability in our civilian leadership. Rumsfeld should have been fired 2 years ago, but better late than never, I always say. Fire Rumsfeld now!

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of American politics for the next 10 days, check out Washington Monthly's Showdown 2006 and The Fix at the Washington Post.

If you love politics and are already playing the Washington Stock Market, why not play Fantasy Congress, where you draft legislators and get points based on their bills getting passed. Or maybe you'd like to put your money where your mouth is with InTrade a "the Trading Exchange for Prediction Markets. Trade Event Futures on Political, Current, Financial, Weather & Unique Events."

Iran officially confirms it has stepped up uranium enrichment.

Abu Aardvark thinks Peter Bergen is wrong about What Osama Wants.

Ahmed Zewail: The West and Islam need not be in conflict.

Jesus Politics is awesome as usual. The headlines are coming so fast and furious, I can't keep up.

Coming off, dc nemesis' warning about the Crusade Against Christianity by New Atheists, Steven Colbert plays with Richard Dawkins and makes him look stupid.

End looms for Airbus A340 as Emirates cancels $4bn orders and Boeing lands an order for $8 billion in 747s.

Home prices plunge by most in 35 years and Detlef's favorite property website, Zillow home 'values' rile consumer group and bring on a lawsuit.

Cardinals win the World Series in 5 games. Jayson Stark argues that the Cardinals are the best 83 game winners ever. He believes that total number of regular season wins don't matter.

USS Mariner has a more complete breakdown of the MLB collective bargaining agreement.

Barry Bonds will file for free agency. I hope no one picks him up.

Bruce Bochy has been hired away from gurufrisbee's Padres to go work in San Francisco.

The Tour de France 2007 route has been unveiled.

The USA Today asks "Where will the next 100 million live?" and then proceeds to answer it.

Will Wikipedia make the grade? and should academics edit entries to help increase Wikipedia's accuracy? I don't see why not.

No one believes in Hell. was suppose to fetch $1 million for the domain and it failed to sell at all.

A Halloween reading of Robert Service's "The Cremation of Sam McGee" on YouTube.

Last Year on Page 132
Found out that Page 132 is worth $11,290, MoLak-Jedi asked about Matthew 13:52. gurufrisbee and I went back and forth about the role of war in foreign policy and I admitted I was amazingly evangelical about iPods.

So what's the biggest story of the week? What have I missed? What strikes you as funny, interesting or sad? Let me know in the comments.

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