Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Got a stupid meeting open thread

Ugh! Just found out that we have a 2 hour meeting about reaccredidation. :-( These meetings are tedious at best and usually a complete waste of time. I'm especially uninterested because I'm brand new to the school, therefore have nothing to add about 'how we've always done things' and don't plan on hanging around in the classroom for very long, so I'm not that interested in how we'll do them in the future.

All that to say, that my usual afternoon blog time has been taken from me.

Therefore consider this an open thread to talk about whatever.

Maybe you'd like to comment on how Bush dumps 'staying the course' phrase or some other current event.

Instead maybe you want to answer the following:
  • Favorite food
  • Favorite color
  • Favorite band/musician/genre
  • Who in all of history you'd like to have dinner with
  • Something else

Surprise me with this open thread...