Saturday, September 09, 2006

Useful links of the day

I found two useful links for folks that like to travel.

Fare Compare and Farecast

Both of them are better than your standard Expedia or Travelocity (and even my beloved TravelJungle). They not only search for best fares now, but keep a record of past prices and can tell you if the price on offer is too high or too low compared to recent activity and their best forecasts for the future.

I was able to use Farecast's "show me the deals" option to plug in WAS and then get a list of great deals to lots of places all over the world. I could have flown to Louisville, Kentucky for $88/pp total. I could have flown to London for $283/pp total.

As soon as Mrs. Expat Teacher and I have some free time and money to explore outside of our new city, I'll be heading over to Farecompare and Farecast for some cheap flights.

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