Thursday, September 07, 2006

Does Tiger use performance enhancing drugs?

I like to play golf, but I find it tediously boring to watch on television. That hasn't stopped me from knowing that Tiger Woods won his 5th straight tournament this last weekend. It is certainly an impressive feat, especially how he has come back from some serious deficits to win.

However, has anyone asked if Tiger uses the juice? Tiger stormed onto the PGA tour early in his career as a phenom that mixed weight training with time on the course. He was able to hit balls considerably further than his opponents. At the time, I was able to buy that explanation. Golf is a slow moving game played by the Good 'Ol Boys, so no one considered it right, proper or necessary to hits the weights in the off-season.

That was then, this is now. Tiger has been nearly unstoppable for the last 10 years. The cat is out of the bag. If you want to drive the ball like Tiger, hit the weights in the off-season. Yet no one seems to be able to do that. Maybe he is an amazing physical specimen that looks like a normal guy. I don't know. But I find it funny that Tiger gets better as the tournaments enter days 3 and 4, when most guys are tiring and get worse.

Tiger may not juice. Tiger himself has called for testing and Greg Norman agrees with Tiger for some drug testing.

But, "The PGA Tour is one of the few major sports organization that does not have a drug testing program, and Commissioner Tim Finchem said Wednesday that's not about to change."

Of course, that begs the question. If no one is using performance-enhancing drugs, why not test for it? I believe it is because Mr. Finchem knows that some professional golfers are using performance-enhancing drugs and doesn't want his sport dragged through the mud like baseball and cycling. It is poor leadership, but what are your choices if your star athlete may be guilty?

I would suggest that Tiger doesn't take steroids, but instead takes some variant of human growth hormone (HGH). It has been used by athletes because there is no effective test for it and "to increase performance and muscle growth. " HGH allows the body to grow muscle mass and to shorten recovery times. The beauty of synthetic HGH is that it can be manufactured to look almost exactly like natural HGH.

Tiger gets stronger as the weekend progresses when others fade. Maybe Tiger has great stamina that no other golfer has. That is possible. Maybe Tiger has a weight training program that keeps him slightly stronger than his opponents. That is possible.

Possible? Sure. Plausible? You decide.

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