Thursday, August 17, 2006

My three dilemmas now that I'm back in the USA

Being back in the US, I have to figure out how much of my European mannerisms should stay and how many should be discarded. However, I'm still unsure about a few things. Care to help me decide?

1) Which city's sport fanchises do I support? DC-based teams or Seattle-based teams?

The European model is to support the team you grew up with and stick with them regardless of where you live. That is why there is a Liverpool Football Club fanclub in Los Angeles. With that model, I would support Seattle teams. However, the US model is adopt the new hometown team as your own. If that was the case, I'd be supporting the Nationals, Wizards, Redskins, Capitols and DC United. I have been told to do both, but we all know that a house divided cannot stand. Besides, I can't keep up with all the gossip, internal bickering and day-to-day drama of teams from two different cities. I'm leaning toward switching my allegiance to DC-based teams, but what do you think?

2) Do I wear shorts?

This might sound silly, but should I wear shorts? European men rarely wear them. At the beach and sometimes around town with sandals, but never the American style as pictured here. This wouldn't be a real problem if I was in Seattle, as it rarely gets that hot, but DC has 90 degree days with 90 percent humidity.

I favor style over comfort, so I'm leaning toward never wearing shorts again, but what is your opinion?

3)What is my new name?

Finally, it isn't true that I'm an expat teacher anymore. I've returned to the country of my birth. I'd like to keep the Expat Teacher psuedonym for vain reasons, like Google search results and being known in the blogosphere. My mother-in-law suggested Ex-Expat Teacher. My wife, the English major of the family, suggested Repat Teacher. I hate both those options. I truly don't know what I should do. Suggestions truly appreciated.