Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Striking differences in party support

I'm at the library so I have little time and less access than normal. But I couldn't help notice a stark contrast between two people - Hank Johnson and Joe Lieberman.

Hank Johnson won a run off in Georgia against incumbent Cynthia McKinney. I urge you all to check out Dignan's site for full coverage of this. It's a great victory for the Democrats and for America because Johnson is a good guy and McKinney is a nightmare and an embarrassment. This win is a very good thing.

Another election in Connecticut saw Lieberman losing to Lamont. Lieberman isn't the nightmare or embarrassment on the level of McKinney, but his consistent position to keep supporting the nightmare and embarrassment that is the situation in Iraq is unforgivable and wrong and frankly, he deserves to lose his political position for it. I hope we see that same kind of responsibility in voting in the elections this fall and in two years from now all across the nation. But rather than to bow out gracefully, Lieberman is now going to try to run as an Independent, a move that's action will likely cost the Democrats the senator seat as he and Lamont will split the vote. Odd that he whined until he was blue in the face that he was loyal to the party and when the party chose someone else, he's going to now try to screw the party over. This win is a very good thing, too.

I generally vote for Democrats, but not always, because my first rule is to vote for the best person for the job. These were two big wins for the best people for the job. Well done Connecticut and Georgia. Now get those people elected in November, too!