Sunday, August 06, 2006

Photoblogging Ireland

I don't really have time to give you a run down on just how incredible Ireland is, but I do have 15 photos that capture funny and memorable moments from the past week.

Harp Lager

Harp Lager. Very yummy and the only beer Mrs. Expat Teacher enjoys.

Guiness - special brew

Guinness. Yum! I must have had 14 pints in the last week. One for lunch and one for dinner. This was a "special brew" called Toucan. It was lighter and sweeter than the regular Black and White.

Irish baby and the bottle

Start 'em young in Ireland. At the Galway races, this little one got dad's beer bottle and tried to sip some Bud like dad.

General Lee Vespa

The Irish seem to be the only folks in Europe that are still openly pro-America. Granted I saw murals in Belfast that labeled Bush "America's biggest failure", but on this trip I NEVER had to defend America's honor or explain that I didn't vote for W. Most everyone wanted to talk about their recent trip to America or a family member that lives in California or Chicago or whatever. The owner of this Vespa may have taken his pro-America feelings a little too far. But he went overboard with style and pizzazz.

Dual taps

Can you be a first world country and not have mixer taps? In every restaurant and B&B, we only had dual taps. Either freezing cold or scalding hot were my temperature options.

Now for some funny signage

Don't fall off a cliff

Don't fall off the cliff! Doesn't anyone really need to be told this? Especially at the Cliffs of Moher where the water is 214m/702 ft below?

Window Blind

Window Blind? I prefer "visually impaired"

Temporary Sign

Why put this up? And how long before the temporary becomes permanent?

Male toilet signage Female toilet signage

Signs on the bathroom doors. Pretty humourous. (text enhanced because my cameraphone is so bad)

Knobs and Knockers

A store that sold door knobs and knockers. I couldn't stop giggling.

Seats are not for feet

A sign on the Dublin DART to remind folks to keep their feet off the seats.

Welcome to Belfast

The sign welcoming visitors to Belfast at the train station. It says welcome in 10 different languages. Failte is Irish for Hello.

Bull Keep Out

Can bulls read English?

Troy's Butcher

The awning tells people to "Have a look in the window" and Detlef this one is for you.

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