Thursday, June 29, 2006

In case there is anyone else still in here...

A week ago I explained in an update that Susan’s oncologist wanted to run another PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan to get a more precise analysis of the “intensity” of the cellular makeup of the tumor in her lung. The first PET scan revealed an intensity rating of 14; and we had no idea what this number means.

So, she had the PET scan this past Tuesday and we got the results this morning. What I explained previously was that he wanted to specifically determine if the intensity was at “7 or below.” If it was, then he would proceed as he had been with the same mix of chemotherapy drugs. If the intensity of the tumor was above 7, he would prescribe a different mix of drugs for the next treatment.

What we didn’t fully appreciate last week was how optimistic “7 or below” is considered in this scenario. OK… all you diligent praying friends… are you ready? The PET scan reading came back at 4.6!

The oncologist told Susan this morning that he is amazed! I’ve had a tear of joy in my eye all day long. When Susan called me after speaking with the oncologist she was so excited I could hardly understand her at first. It’s hard to describe how thrilling this is!

So, the drug mix for her third treatment of chemotherapy on Friday, June 30th, will remain the same (that’s good!) The scan result is so good he is going to begin introducing a new drug, Tarceva, this Friday. This drug, which blocks the cell receptors, is the one he was going to wait on until after the surgery. The surgery timetable looks like late August at the present time.

Thanks again and again for your continuing prayers. Let’s keep her oncologist amazed!
Your Faithful Reporter