Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Very busy, but Dignan's is an excellent stop today

I'm up to my eyes in work. All my reports are due tomorrow and I'm not even close to being ready to turn them in.

Instead you should turn your eyes to Dignan's place. He has a wonderfully interesting post where he compliments gurufrisbee and myself for how we enter civil discourse with folks we don't agree with. He has recently put the smack down on Ann Coulter and was flamed by other conservatives. One even called Dignan a liberal, which is laughable. It isn't that us liberals wouldn't want a smart guy like him on our side, but rather, he is one of the most principled conservatives in the blogosphere. The key point is that Dignan is refusing to play by the 'fire up the base' strategy so successfully espoused by Karl Rove and others. He's Not Going To Play the Game, Going to Change the Game. Why not join him in changing the game?

Don't care about liberal/conservative monikers? Don't care where Dignan stands on the political spectrum? Don't want to have civil discourse and, instead, act like Michael Moore and Ann Coulter? Well, still go there, but instead check out the top quality World Cup soccer coverage. For some reason I've become a cyber-mute and can't comment with Haloscan anymore, but the comment section of the posts are top notch.

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