Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Interview with Santana

USA Weekend had an interview with legendary musician Carlos Santana. There were a couple of quotes that I thought were interesting and I thought I'd share them with you.

A message to America
"America is like a teenager who does not know consequences and responsibility. We create, with consciousness or lack of, everything that is happening to us. There is a difference between the love of power and the power of love, and America is functioning with the love of power. Until we open our hearts and see and feel the pain of people around the world, there will be more hatred."

On the difference between spirituality and religion
"Spirituality is saying, 'May the heavens open up and angels bless everyone with a deep awareness of his own light.' Religion says only Jesus got the light, you're full of [expletive], and you are in the dark. They are the only ones that got it, and you've gotta go through them to get it. Man, in this life the only thing that's holy is your relationship with your heart, your family, and the air you breathe."

I'm not sure that the first quote applies to all of our troubles in this country, but I do think that they match up with a great deal of them. As for the second one, I found it to be an interesting criticism of Christianity in that the gospels seem to depict Jesus proclaiming the availability of the blessings of the heavens to everyone. We sing songs like "Just as I am" but promote a message that says, "get your act together before you come to Jesus. Then he can deal with you." I would dare to say that Santana's "spiritualism" is closer to the gospel Jesus preached than many would believe.