Thursday, October 13, 2005

1960 all over again...

In another sign that the Republican Party is losing the plot on how to treat Christian voters, the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia has been attacking his Democratic opponent because his Christian faith would make him a bad leader.

The crux of the issue is that the Democratic candidate, Timothy M. Kaine, has a strong Catholic faith. He follows a very strong pro-life policy. He believes all life is sacred from the moment of conception until God calls people home. It is not for man to kill, ever.

This belief, with a strong Christian thinking and history behind it, is being attacked by the Republican candidate, Jerry W. Kilgore. Mr. Kilgore believes that Mr. Kaine will not enforce the death penalty if he were to be elected. Mr. Kaine has repeated stated that, "My faith teaches that life is sacred. That's why I personally oppose the death penalty. But I take my oath of office seriously, and I'll enforce the death penalty . . . because it's the law."

Mr. Kilgore is accusing Mr. Kaine of lying because his beliefs on the death penalty are in the minority and because Mr. Kaine represented a capital crime defendant in the past. What Mr. Kilgore doesn't mention is that Mr. Kaine was a court appointed lawyer on the case over a decade ago.

So what is it? Are people good leaders/public servants because they have a strong Christian faith ala Harriet Miers or are they suspect because some of their beliefs are counter to society's ala Mr. Kaine?

Anyone care to decipher this for me?