Saturday, October 15, 2005

So this bird flu thing

I have a serious question that I haven't seen answered in the MSM.

What is all the fuss about with this avian flu?

Time magazine has it on the front cover of its European edition. The President seems to have a good grasp on the flu and has prepared some sort of response. The news here has been all aflutter with Romania's announcement that they found the virus in some wild ducks. Yet, the British government has told the public not to worry.

BBC's normally wonderful InDepth part of the their website leaves lots to be desired. The whole thing reads like a bad 1950's drive-in horror film advertisement.

From what I can tell this virus passes from bird to bird and from bird to humans with direct physical contact. 60 people have died from this virus, which is bad, but I'll bet the "regular" flu has killed that many people this year. Yet this virus originated in a country with 1.3 billion people and has passed from East to West through another country with 1 billion people. If this is epidemic proportions, shouldn't more people be sick and dead? SARS killed more people than this avian flu.

I know the fear is that this flu may mutate, but doesn't this feel like another Andromeda Strain?

Anyone care to set me straight?